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A.S. EXIM INTERNATIONAL achieves this enviable position.

A.S. EXIM INTERNATIONAL believes in panel work and standard interaction with our customers to understand and be elastic to the quick changing logistical obligations. We are motivated to be familiar as one of the professional and supposed agents having experience in different field.

CLEARING, FORWARDING, FREIGHT FORWARDING AND AIR/SEA EXPORT/IMPORT. Unnecessary to state we purpose as logistical partner to the client while managing the delivery of Imports/Exports, thereby saving lot of time and wealth which is expensive in today's international trade.

A.S. EXIM INTERNATIONAL is a leading custom clearance & forwarding enterprise having its own license. We have all types of services and custom clearance and present entire logistics backed by full time directors and experienced employees. We give our complete service under one crown, rendering versatile service to our clients. We have our customer needs on precedence and provide modify solutions in today's time paced logistical solutions.

We understand our customers and their needs, and create awareness of the impact of effective logistics services and which will always look to offer better faster and more reliable services to their customers and professional in everything they do.

We are easy to do business with we strive for error free services delivery value and timing requirements. We emphasize process simplifications and reduction in overall clearance costs.



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